Foreign Policy Talks (8): The Cyprus Stalemate - What is Next?

In the eighth instalment of the Foreign Policy Talks, a series of closed roundtables organized in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation Turkey, the long-lasting Cyprus issue, which again came to the forefront following the EastMed crisis and the elections in Northern Cyprus, was discussed with the participation of Emine Çolak, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Northern Cyprus, Harry Tzimitras, Director of PRIO Cyprus Centre and James Ker-Lindsay, professor of international relations at London School of Economics.

The crisis in Eastern Mediterranean and the presidential elections in Northern Cyprus put the spotlight once again on the intractable Cyprus dispute.

The eighth installment of the Foreign Policy Talks series, which was held virtually, focused on the future of the Cyprus issue. The talk was attended by researchers from IstanPol and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation Turkey, as well as many academics, foreign policy analysts, diplomats and journalists. The roundtable started with the presentation by Ms. Çolak, Mr. Tzimitras and Mr. Ker-Lindsay, followed by a interactive discussion.