Foreign Policy Talks (6): US-Turkey Relations After the 2020 US Presidential Elections

In the sixth instalment of the Foreign Policy Talks, a series of closed roundtables organized in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation Turkey, different scenarios in US-Turkey Relations After the 2020 US Presidential Elections were discussed.

The non-conventional approach of the Trump administration to the current foreign policy issues has affected the relations between the US and its traditional allies including Turkey. In parallel, there are numerous indications that although it has traditionally been well embedded in Western security infrastructures and was considered a fairly reliable Western ally for over half a century, Turkey’s relations with the US have been at an all-time low under President Erdoğan. Given the fact that recently the bilateral relations have mostly been maintained through a congenial personal relationship between Presidents Trump and Erdoğan, 2020 US Presidential Elections may potentially be a turning point in US – Turkey relations.

The sixth installment of the Foreign Policy Talks series, which was held virtually, focused on the recent developments in US domestic politics including the Black Lives Matter protests and the possible scenarios in US – Turkey relations after this year’s presidential elections in the US. The talk was attended by researchers from IstanPol and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation Turkey, as well as many academics, foreign policy analysts and journalists. The roundtable started with the presentation by speakers, followed by a discussion on the topic.