Alternative Politics Forum (4): Food and agricultural policy in Turkey and abroad

In the fourth Alternative Politics Forum, Dr. Bülent Şık provided insight on food policy and alternatives, both in Turkey and abroad.

The event, held on March 2nd, 2019, in collaboration with IDEA Kadıköy, started with the opening speech of Alphan Telek, the Academic Director of IstanPol. Among the questions explored were “Are the foods on our table healthy? How can they be made healthier? What kinds of public policy should be followed? Does public gardens, cooperatives and ancestral seeds represent alternative solutions? What is [Turkey’s] current production potential and what does foodstuffs regulation sales say about the state of our economy? What are examples from abroad?”. The forum was moderated by the IstanPol researcher Sıla Sezge Çınar, and attended by Dr. Bülent Şık.

Click here to access the seminar report (available only in Turkish).