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Alphan Telek continues his doctoral research at the Center for International Studies (Centre de Recherches Internationales, CERI) affiliated with Sciences Po (Institut d'études politiques de Paris). Telek conducts his research on the deepening political, social, and economic precariousness in Turkish society in recent years, and teaches Political Science and Comparative Politics to undergraduate students at Sciences Po.

Alphan Telek graduated from Marmara University, Department of Political Science and International Relations (Eng.) with an honor degree. He received his master's degree from Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History at Boğaziçi University with his thesis on Iran and secularism.

Telek, who has a book titled “We Are All Precariat Now”, written on precarization and political/economic insecurities in Turkish society, expresses his views on Turkish politics at national and international meetings. Telek’s op-ed articles whose topics range from populism, anti-populist movements, authoritarianism and precariat to the youth were translated into Arabic, Polish, Greek and Spanish.

Since 2017, Telek has been providing content and insight to the Turkish media both as a producer and moderator, as well as an expert.

Telek writes risk assessments and strategy proposals for Turkish politics and he works as a policy expert. Telek supports policy making processes by writing analysis and policy notes for national and international non-governmental organizations, think tanks and political parties in Turkey.

He served as the Director of Turkey at PS:EUROPE European Institute for Political and Social Studies, which was established in Austria in 2015. He is one of the founders of the Istanbul Political Research Institute (IstanPol).