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IstanPol Foreign Policy Program aims to offer policies on current issues in Turkey’s foreign policy with consideration of international, supranational and global dynamics.

The program focuses on carrying out multidimensional, multilateral and comparative analyses on the increasing overall impact of foreign policy on Turkey’s domestic politics, and on facilitating discussions that will contribute to build an institutionalized and democratic foreign policy-making process. The Foreign Policy Program aims to offer policy recommendations on current foreign policy issues via policy notes and reports authored by internal and external experts.

In this framework, IstanPol regularly hosts the closed roundtable series “Foreign Policy Talks”, where academics, experts, journalists, researchers and policymakers come together and discuss current foreign policy issues in a multilateral setting.

IstanPol also conducts a specific research every year since 2021 to analyze major conflicts in Turkey’s foreign policy and the society’s perceptions and outlooks on foreign policy.